By Alexander Nov 23 2022
Customer case:


HittaWebbhotellet.se is an internal project at TribuSoft where we have had the ambition to become the largest comparison service in the web hosting market. The service was launched in the second quarter of 2018 and our ongoing optimization of the website started in July 2018. Since the start, our work has been noticed by Dagensindustri, Breakit, Svenska dagbladet and more.


Our mission formulation was as follows;

Create a website that will compete for search volumes in one of Sweden’s toughest industries. A year of ongoing optimization, HittaWebbhotellet became the second largest comparison service in terms of the number of visitors per month. In 2020, HittaWebbhotellet has become the single largest guide for web hosting in Sweden. Our primary keywords have been web hosting and best web hosting.


Currently, the website has around 2000 unique visitors a month. The traffic comes from among the most competitive keywords in Sweden. Our forecast is to increase traffic to 5,000 unique users a month in 2020. The percentage increase in traffic from January 2019 to January 2020 corresponds to 805 percent.


HittaWebhotellet converts 5.7 percent of the total traffic. This is possible as the traffic is highly relevant and we manage to answer the search intent behind all searches.


Our work has meant that we have key positions in all relevant segments for the industry. Our strategy has been designed in such a way that we had a laser focus on a limited number of keywords and focused on occupying first positions on them. This is something that is required in highly competitive industries.

Click through rate

The clique is distributed exponentially over the serp. Where approximately 30 percent go to first place, 15 to second place and 5 to third place. Therefore, it is extremely important to rank first for the most important keywords in order to maximize the return on SEO work.