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TribuSoft is a software development company located in Stockholm, Sweden. We strive to create modern, innovative and creative designs. With our unique design philosophy, several years of experience and multiple talented minds, you can be sure that our products are exciting.


A layout that fits small to mid-size company with a brand to present.


This design fits companies with a large assortment of products to be sold through the site. Works with and without webshop-integration.


A simple, minimalistic and uncluttered design to be used for businesses with a small amount of information that needs presententing, like resturants.

Blocky Bouncer

Jump your way through fantastic enviroments, beat your highscore and compete with your friends. Don't forget that theres of 40 unique characters to collect.

Grid Racer

Travel through a colorful tunnel at high speeds and watch out for obstacles. Test your reflexes while experiencing amazing color combinations and music from outer space.


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