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Our job is to ensure that you as a customer spends as little time as possible. That's why we have made the process as simple as possible.

Step 1
Choose a design that fits your needs. You can choose amongst our designs, or send links to other sites that we can find inspiration from. Feel free to come up with a design of your own. We will do our best to tailor your website according to your specific business. Our job is to make the design process as simple as possible for you.

Step 2
Contact our salesman Alexander through email or on the phone.

Step 3
When we have the necessary information we will send you a design-suggestion.

Step 4
When we have figured our a design we will send an offer for the work and when you accept, we will start working!


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A layout that fits small to mid-size company with a brand to present.

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1/3 - Home

2/3 - Contact

3/3 - About


This design fits companies with a large assortment of products to be sold through the site. Works with and without webshop-integration.

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1/3 - Home

2/3 - Assortment

3/3 - Productpage


A simple, minimalistic and uncluttered design to be used for businesses with a small amount of information that needs presententing, like resturants.

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1/3 - Home

2/3 - Pictures

3/3 - Reservations


Combiwood - Combiwood - One of our customers

1/5 - Home

2/5 - Categories

3/5 - Productpage

4/5 - Assortment

5/5 - Resellers

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2/3 - Blog

3/3 - Questions and Anwsers


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